13-Affidavits and Amendments, 1916

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Catalogue Reference: 13-Affidavits and Amendments, 1916

Coverage From: 1916-01-01

Coverage To: 2016-12-31

SCDAH Description

Title: Affidavits and Amendments

Identifier: 2018-065a

Creating Agency: Dept. of Health and Environmental Control. --Public Health Statistics and Information Services

Date of Creation: 1916

Date Publicly Available: 1/1/2017

Description: This record contains affidavits and amended certificates for individuals whose original birth certificates were incomplete and/or incorrect. The individual provided a sworn statement as to the corrections needing to be made to the original record and had to provide documentation to prove the changes were correct. An amendmended certificate would then be created by DHEC. These records do not include copies of the documentation provided by the individual to apply for the amendment.

Record Group Title: Dept. of Health and Environmental Control

Record Group Identifier: 169

Archives Series Title: Birth certificates

Archives Series Number: S169123

Format(s) Type: Text

Format Details: .pdf

Language: 2018-065a

Subject(s): Certificates

Subject(s): Vital Records

Subject(s): Births

Rights Holder: None

Access Rights: Public Domain

13-Affidavits and Amendments, 1916

Object Type: Record

In Collection: 1916 Birth Certificates

13-Affidavits and Amendments, 1916
13-Affidavits and Amendments, 1916