Born-Digital Records

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Catalogue Reference: Born-Digital Records

Coverage From: 1999-01-01

Coverage To: 1999-12-31

SCDAH Description

Title: Born-Digital Records

Identifier: 2015-079

Creating Agency: African American History Monument Commission

Contibutor: Gilda Cobb-Hunter

Date of Creation: 1999

Description: Born-digital records extracted from 3.5" floppy disks received with paper Commission files. Covers images of the Monument in-progress of creation, images of the artist studio fabricating the monument and a report on the Monument. Original Floppy disks removed from collection due to deleted files on disks.

Record Group Title: African American History Monument Commission

Record Group Identifier: 410

Archives Series Title: Administrative file 1996-2001

Archives Series Number: s410007

Format(s) Type: mixed

Format Details: .jpg, .doc, .bmp

Language: 2015-079


Rights Holder: None

Access Rights: Public Domain

Born-Digital Records

Object Type: Record

In Collection: Administrative File, 1996-2001

Born-Digital Records
Born-Digital Records