Trademark database, 1982-2004

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Catalogue Reference: Trademark database, 1982-2004

Coverage From: 1982-01-18

Coverage To: 2004-12-27

SCDAH Description

Title: Trademarks database, 1982-2004

Identifier: 2017-100

Creating Agency: Secretary of State. --Corporation Charter Division

Date of Creation: 1995-2004

Date of Creation (range): 1982-2004

Description: This record consists of a Microsoft Access database kept by the Secretary of State's office beginning sometime in the early 1990s of newly registered and renewed trademarks. The database recorded trademark name, trademark classification, applicant's name and address, date trademark was registered, expiration date, renewal date, assignment date, date first used in the state, and description of the trademark. All fields may not contain information. The database is available in Microsoft Access 97-2003 and 2007 versions. It has been exported to Comma-Separated Values (CSV), Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS), and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) for additional ease of access.

Record Group Title: Secretary of State

Record Group Identifier: 213

Archives Series Title: Trademarks

Archives Series Number: S213145

Format(s) Type: Text

Format Details: .accdb, .csv, .mdb, .ods, .xml

Language: 2017-100

Subject(s): Corporations

Subject(s): Trademarks

Rights Holder: None

Access Rights: Public Domain

Trademark database, 1982-2004

Object Type: Record

In Collection: Trademarks, 1910-2006

Trademark database, 1982-2004
Trademark database, 1982-2004