A New Acquisition, 1772

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Catalogue Reference: A New Acquisition, 1772

Coverage From: 1772-01-01

Coverage To: 1772-06-04

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Title: A New Acquisition, 1772

Identifier: MC 4-11-19

Creating Agency: James Cook, Ephraim Mitchell, Thomas Rutherford and Thomas Polk

Date of Creation: June 4, 1772

Description: See Cummings, THE SOUTHEAST IN EARLY MAPS, page 246. This map is commonly called "The New Acquisition." A map of part of the counties of Mecklenberg and Tryon added to the province of South Carolina, surveyed by James Cook, Ephraim Mitchell, Thomas Rutherford and Thomas Pollk. A copy by Henry Mouzon Jr.

Record Group Title: Dept. of Archives and History

Record Group Identifier: 108

Archives Series Title: Map collection

Archives Series Number: P900035

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Subject(s): Boundary

Subject(s): Mecklenberg

Subject(s): Tryon

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Access Rights: Public Domain

A New Acquisition, 1772

Object Type: Record

In Collection: Map Collection, circa 1670-2015