Extradition files, 2003-2005

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Catalogue Reference: Extradition files, 2003-2005

Coverage From: 2003-01-02

Coverage To: 2005-12-30

SCDAH Description

Title: Extraditions and renditions, 2003-2005

Identifier: 2016-077

Creating Agency: Governor (2003-2011: Sanford). --Chief Legal Counsel


Date of Creation (range): 2003-2005

Description: This accession consists of the original born-digital extradition and rendition letters sent to governors of other states. Some suspended and withdrawn extraditions/renditions are included. These records are drafts, and not the signed, sealed documents provided to the Secretary of State.

Record Group Title: Governor (2003-2011: Sanford). --Chief Legal Counsel

Record Group Identifier: 558

Archives Series Title: Extradition files

Archives Series Number: S558012

Format(s) Type: Text

Format Details: .pdf

Language: 2016-077

Subject(s): Extraditions

Subject(s): Mark Sanford

Subject(s): Renditions

Rights Holder: None

Access Rights: Public Domain

Extradition files, 2003-2005

Object Type: Record

In Collection: Extradition files, 2003-2006

Extradition files, 2003-2005
Extradition files, 2003-2005